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Do You Need to Earn PD Points and/or College Credit on YOUR Schedule?
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Points: Teachers can earn contact hours quickly... and easily for Professional Development Points through our online Professional Development program!

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College Credit: Low cost PSU tuition...All of our On Demand eSeminar programs are college-credit eligible through Pittsburg State University at the low cost of $59.50 for .5 credit (complete any 2 programs) and $109.00 for 1.0 credit (complete any 3 programs).

NO COST to PDP Toolbox User Districts: ...That's right! All On Demand eSeminar programs are offered at NO COST to Greenbush PDP Toolbox user districts. Complete as many as needed!

LOW COST to Non-PDP Toolbox Users: ...If you are not a PDP Toolbox user or district, you may still complete the programs at a low cost AND you are eligible to benefit from PSU's low cost graduate credit tuition.

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How to Begin: Are you a member of the PDP Toolbox? How many programs do you want to complete and do you want college credit?

Just click the link below that best describes YOU! All programs are available to accommodate your schedule, 24/7, and offer quality presenters and topics ranging from Differentiated Instruction to Brain Based Teaching to Explicit Instruction.

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PDP Toolbox Users:
PD points only - 1 course
PD & .5 College Credit - 2 courses
PD & 1.0 College Credit - 3 courses

Teachers in Districts Not Using PDP Toolbox:
PD points only - 1 course
PD & .5 College Credit - 2 courses
PD & 1.0 College Credit - 3 courses

Support: For questions or assistance signing up for our programs, please contact Tom Unwin
For questions or assistance regarding college credit, please contact Lisa McAtee:

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